Understanding the psychological roots of women’s fear of darkness

Understanding the psychological roots of women’s fear of darkness

To many people, darkness is equal to danger and fear.

Especially for women, not turning on the lights at home at night, walking alone at night . will make them feel uneasy inside.

Hao Sijia’s daughter is a typical example of being afraid of the dark in “The Beauty in a Troubled World.”.
  What is the fear of black?

Experts said: “Afraid of blackness is a typical manifestation of phobia, which is often seen clinically, mostly in women or children.

It is called pure fear in medicine, which means that there is only one thing to fear.

Some people are simply afraid of dogs and cats.

“The famous Swiss psychologist Jung also proposed that fear of blackness is a human nature.

Some experiments have found that if a baby is left in the dark, it will cry. This is an instinctive reaction inherited from ancient times, and everyone has it.

The game of “blind man touching people” also helps to solve the mystery of being afraid of darkness. When blindfolded, we can’t see anything, which will put us in a state of severe lack of information.

At this time, we are unable to control our own direction, and we start to be afraid of tripping over obstacles and fear of hitting them. As a result, we will have uncertainty about everything around us, and our sense of security will be greatly reduced.

  From a gender perspective, more women than men suffer from black phobia.

Experts explain that this has something to do with the innate personality of women.

Women are inherently more timid, have more delicate minds, and are full of fantasy.

Darkness is not terrible, but women can imagine the dangers lurking in it, and the more they think about it, the more afraid they become.

But for different individuals, many past experiences, especially childhood experiences, will add some special interpretations to the nature of “afraid of darkness.”

For example, the mother is timid and always worried about this, that daughter may inherit her “fear”.

  Although afraid of black is a type of phobia, but because it does not penetrate into all aspects of life, it generally does not affect normal life.

Guo Chufang said that people will naturally form a set of coping strategies in life, such as those who are afraid of darkness, they will try to be with others, and they may have children as soon as possible after marriage.

If you are afraid of black, which affects your normal life, such as turning on the light while sleeping, you will also become worried when you see black things, then you need to receive intervention.

  In addition, experts reminded that some incentives will exacerbate simple fear. For example, a person who is afraid of darkness will be startled by others when walking at night, then he will become very nervous and even dare not go out at night.

Therefore, those who are afraid of darkness should try to avoid possible stimuli, and those around them should also give help.