What tuberculosis patients cannot eat

What tuberculosis patients cannot eat Tuberculosis is a chronic wasting disease, and tuberculosis is also common. Patients need nutritious foods such as high protein, high sugar, and high aunt. However, it is reported that tuberculosis patients, especially those taking isoniatin and rifampicin, will often cause food poisoning or food allergies when they take anti-tuberculosis drugs. […]

Protecting hearing must first reduce noise

Protecting hearing must first reduce noise Such as holiday firecrackers, cannon sounds, ship engine sounds, tank sounds, machine gun sounds, aircraft take-off and landing sounds, karaoke sounds and disco music sounds and other strong noises, may cause hearing damage with one contact. Long-term continuous contact with the sound of textile machinery, the sound of walkman […]

Men like spoiled fairies

Men like spoiled fairies Women don’t need to be too pretty, but they must know how to be coquettish, and hold a pair of small powder fists on the man’s chest and say, “I hate you.” Men don’t just get angry. In the future, they will hold you in their arms and laugh and coax, […]

How to regulate insomnia

How to regulate insomnia Click to buy Now many people are troubled by insomnia. How extravagant is it to want a good night’s sleep, and how can I get a good night’s sleep? If you want to sleep soundly, diet is the safest way. If you properly use Chinese herbal medicine with soothing and calming […]