Yoga and Diet-Fruits

Yoga and Diet-Fruits Watermelon: It has the effects of relieving annoyance and thirst, replenishing the mind and soothe the nerves, and diminishing swelling. It should be noted that watermelon is slightly cold, and those with cold spleen and stomach and cold and cold pain should be used with caution.   Fig: It has the effects of […]

How to better buy yoga mats

How to better buy yoga mats Before buying a yoga mat, consider the following 7 points: 1. Can it be cleaned?   2.When laying on the ground, is it easy to spread and not wrinkle?   3.Is it sticky?   4.Does it slip after sweating?   5.Is it easy to carry?   6.Are the materials environmentally friendly, and are there […]

What vegetables are best for weight loss?

What vegetables are best for weight loss? With every effort to try various weight loss recipes, it is better to focus on the seemingly ordinary vegetables. Cheap vegetables are more effective than expensive weight-loss medications.   Cucumber: The ratio of cucumber to other nutrient-rich vegetables, which contains rich nutrients. In addition, the glyceric acid contained in […]

Trendy: Yoga Spa Minerals

Trendy: Yoga Spa Minerals The birth of this set of yoga mineral springs is a Danish Lebanese-born Danish who has personally come to Taiwan to demonstrate and has been engaged in body therapy for a long time. In a nutshell, the principle of active vitality of yoga mineral spas is to find your own physical […]