Six points of attention for sports injuries

Six points of attention for sports injuries

Strengthen security awareness.

It is necessary to raise awareness of prevention of sports injuries and overcome paralysis.

Get ready.

Preparatory activities should be targeted, and preventive measures for vulnerable areas should be strengthened.

Follow the teaching rules.

Especially for technically difficult and injury-prone replacements, preventive preparations should be made in advance, exercise amounts should be reasonably arranged, and treatments should be treated differently. Don’t rush to achieve success.

Strengthen mutual protection and assistance, and improve self-protection capabilities.

For example, immediately bend your elbows, lower your head, and roll your body on your shoulders when you fall.

Strengthen medical supervision.

We must be good at grasping the physiological changes before and after exercise. People with chronic chronic diseases should undergo regular physical examinations and exercise under the guidance of doctors and physical education teachers.

Excellent sports equipment, venue safety and hygiene.

Site equipment should be inspected and maintained frequently.

Exerciser clothing and shoes must meet the requirements of sports hygiene.