Psychological test: you are some workplace personality

Psychological test: you are some workplace personality

As the saying goes, character is everything.

Although some are exaggerated, in today’s workplace, the personal “workplace personality” factor is indeed very important. It determines your performance in the workplace, affects your boss’s opinion of you, and influences your career development.

Therefore, knowing your “workplace personality” and making appropriate adjustments to the changes will help you better grasp the workplace opportunities.

  The test started 1. I heard that a rare meteor shower is coming. Your response is: a. No interest, not even bother to watch b. A little curious, but look at the news broadcast to meet c. Is a star-chaser family, of course, stayPrecious memories 2. How often do you go to a department store?

  a. It seems that I have n’t been there for several years. b. I do n’t take the initiative and will go in to see when I pass by. c. I may go there if I ‘m idle. 3. What is your attitude towards music?

  a. I only like to listen to certain types of music. b. I feel that some songs will be liked as soon as I hear them. c. Many songs will be listened to a few times before you like them.
  a. Several locks will be added to worry about bad law and order. b. An additional safety lock will be installed for peace of mind. c. Use only basic locks and feel that you will not be so unlucky. 5. You will go out when you are free.For a walk?

  a. Yes, but most of them circle in the vicinity. b. Will run far away, usually alternate places. c. Like to go to places that have never been to adventure. 6. How long does it take you to go to work each day on average?

  awithin 10 minutes b10?
About 30 minutes c. More than half an hour or more 7. Do you have the idea of not going to the company in the morning?

  a. It is inevitable, but not too many times. b. There are not too many opportunities. It has a lot to do with your mood. c. Only in rainy days, you do n’t want to go to the company.

  a. I like small animals superbly. b. I like pets, but some of their minor problems become troublesome. c. I rarely or never have pets. 9. If I can rent a place to work in Jinmao Building,You will choose: a. 50th floor, no one disturbs, and good view b. Of course it is the highest level, like the feeling of standing at the highest point c. The first floor, it will be more convenient to enter and exitsoap bar?

  a. Start with the face b. Start with the top c. Start with personal privacy. Scoring criteria: Choose a to get 1 point, choose b to get 3 points, choose c to get 5 points, and finally calculate the total score.

  The test result is less than 20 points: the real material type is insufficient in your ability to develop and innovate, and there is not much work for you, but you have a high sense of responsibility. Once you decide to do a certain job, you will go all outIt does its best.

You are enthusiastic and dedicated at work, and you are a dedicated employee or boss. Therefore, as long as you are persistent in doing things and doing in-depth research on your favorite profession, success will belong to you.

It is recommended that you go out in addition to work to strengthen the accumulation of interpersonal relationships.

30 points: You know how to plan, you know how to avoid the heavy, but you don’t know how to cover up some small flaws in your work by packing your own external image

Making connections is a big factor in your working environment. You have a personality like this in the workplace, and rapport with your colleagues can be a great help for promotion.

Of course, the job must be outstanding, and the boss will appreciate you more if there is a result.

In addition to working, you are also very suitable for doing business yourself. Under your careful control, everything will develop in the direction you expect.

40 points: stand out, you have your own ideas, and you also like to put forward your own opinions, but there is no way to resonate. Often, it is a stumbling block, but you do n’t know where the problem lies.It’s just an inspiration from God.

Continue to give play to your own creativity, and work hard to put it into practice, usually do more “extra-curricular homework”, do a good job, I believe good luck will come.

  40 points or more: your creative genius may lack some professional skills, but your creative abilities are outstanding.

You are competent for your job, but you always feel that this job does not make good use of your talents, so you are always looking for opportunities.

You are very suitable for art or design work. The key is to make good use of your strengths.

A fixed-mode job is not for you, you can try to find another part-time job and use your talents instead.

  Psychological analysis We all know that personality is important to a person’s success or not, and whether life is smooth or not.

Although the personality is born, but if the day after tomorrow can enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, in fact, you can still change your life trajectory to some extent, so do not be disheartened.