White-collar women suffer from mobile phone dependence

White-collar women suffer from “mobile phone dependence”

Case study: DanNi, 31 years old, is a manager of a foreign company and a Japanese translator of the unit. He has a solid and hard-working job and has outstanding achievements.
In addition, she has a characteristic that she loves sending text messages to friends, and that her mobile phone is used very frequently, and her mobile phone is constantly ringing when she is very busy.
Because she is beautiful, has a good figure, and is usually good at maintenance, her skin is fair and beautiful. Therefore, most of the people she contacts are handsome guys or wealthy business owners.
She has a lot of telephones and is well informed. Her constant incoming and outgoing calls and sending and receiving text messages make her feel fulfilled.
But sometimes the mobile phone rings when you are too busy, it may not be a good thing. Do n’t answer it. I ‘m afraid it ‘s related to work. Even if it ‘s not the case, you will be criticized by the other party.Very bored.
However, her number of calls has been significantly reduced recently, and her mobile phone can only receive three or five calls per day.
In this way, she was uncomfortable, especially when there were a lot of promised calls, and she didn’t call in at that time, which made her restless all day. Sometimes, when someone’s cell phone rang, she would conditionally pick up her own.Mobile phone, very disappointed.
As long as the phone left her for a while, she left it on her desk, and went out without carrying it for a while, then immediately went back to see if she had missed calls or text messages. Then she simply hung her phone around her neck and slept at night.When she was lying under the pillow and texting a friend while lying in bed, she sometimes talked to more than 12 o’clock at night, so insomnia often happened to her.
In her own words, this is the heart disease of mobile phones, and the words of modern civilization are also called “mobile phone dependence.”
  Psychological diagnosis: Psychologists believe that DanNi’s “mobile phone dependence” is a mental illness.
This new type of mental illness is particularly prevalent among women in white-collar workers who work and live at a fast pace.
Although the physical and physical conditions of this part of the population are stable, they need to take into account multiple roles such as emotions, family, and career. They are susceptible to many factors of life and emotionally affected.
White-collar women often use their mobile phones in their daily lives due to work needs or spiritual comfort. For example, if they want to keep in touch with the outside world through their mobile phones, they will not be forgotten by the society and communicate with friends emotionally.Maintain an image of efficient work in front of colleagues and supervisors.
In the long run, mobile phones become part of their lives unconsciously, and once they decrease, they feel like they have lost something.
  As a modern communication tool, mobile phones are not only a simple communication tool in the hearts of modern women, but also a distinctive style of jewelry, a symbol of taste and individuality.
However, the world of women is very different. White-collar women in the same metropolis have chasing fashion, flaunting personality, and advocating self-confidence.
When they buy a mobile phone, they use it as a communication tool, but when they use it, they have different personalities, that is, how to use and how much they use.
  Fashion women are middle-to-high-end consumer groups, either successful or high-paid staff, most of whom have private cars.
They are generous and belong to irrational consumption.
For this female consumer group, mobile phones are only valuable if they are used frequently.
Use it non-stop every day. Although the cost of the call is more expensive, it is nothing.
Much of their information is obtained through mobile phones, and their dependence on mobile phones is evident.
  Experts prescribe that mobile phone dependence is not a serious illness, but it will affect the body in the long run, such as easily causing anxiety, irritability or depression, and unhappy mood.
A series of psychological problems caused by mobile phone dependence will bring stress to life, work and study. If it is longer, it will cause the nervous system to malfunction and cause brain dysfunction.
There are quite a few fashionable women in modern society, and they bear almost no less than men on the family and society.
Then, the most effective way to overcome the dependence on mobile phones is to have a positive face-to-face conversation with others, be good at affirming yourself, and remind yourself to build confidence with advantages such as experience, experience, and resources.
Especially in the business world, it is very important to cultivate a calm and easy-going strong style.
Relatively speaking, in addition to providing a source of information, mobile phones are not decisive for career success.
  At the same time, for Luo Shuang who suffers from “mobile phone dependence”, the best medicine for treatment may be a sentence: take a step back and the sky is wide.
This is not only conducive to the healthy communication of interpersonal relationships, but also can ease the tension of losing the source of work information and overcome the psychological dependence on mobile phones.
  案例  33岁的LinDan是一家对外贸易公司的公关部经理,因为工作关系,她有时半夜也要为客户接机或随时安排应酬,因此,手机24小时开着,几乎从没有离开过身边,使用频率very high.
She has been doing this job for 3 years and has been so busy and used to it.
However, the unit recently made adjustments to appoint her as the manager of the planning department.
In the first month, some customers still contacted her, and the number of mobile phone calls did not decrease, but later, the number of calls was getting less and less, and she secretly rejoiced that she could sleep peacefully, but she did not expect to be very uncomfortable, and began to suffer from insomnia and restlessness.Lying in bed for a long time was half asleep and awake, and sometimes I heard the phone ringing in confusion, picked up the phone in surprise, no one called her at all.
  心理诊断  越来越多的手机持有者发现自己已无法离开这个高科技“宠物”,哪怕只是一会儿不见,也会魂不守舍,坐卧不宁,如这些人的一般沟通多通过手机进行,有些明明You can walk within a few steps, but you also use a cell phone; when you are waiting, you constantly call the cell phone to ask the other party where to go.
Studies have shown that mobile phone dependence is a new type of mental illness, especially in young white-collar women.
LinDan’s performance has reached a relatively serious level, and his psychology has formed a “mobile phone mapping device”. Like a timer, it will conditionally reflex every time a period of time, stimulate the nerves of the brain, and in severe cases there will be a dream phenomenon. This isPeople usually say they are lost.
This psychological incompatibility is increasing.  Expert prescription Generally speaking, the biggest benefit of a mobile phone is that it should provide communication convenience whenever you need it most. If the use of the mobile phone is significantly reduced, you can consider shelving and shutting down.

Once suffering from “mobile phone dependence”, do not have a psychological burden. This is not a serious consequence. It is just a psychological reaction after someone often uses a mobile phone.

The key is that white-collar women should take more care of themselves and create the “green life” for themselves at this age, such as outings, fitness, reading, and listening to music.

Appropriate physical exercise can be carried out every afternoon to reduce tension, relax the body and mind, increase fatigue, easily fall asleep at night, and deep sleep; maintain a stable mood and make your personality more open and cheerful; accept work changes with a calm mindset,Adapt to new changes in life, communicate more with others in everyday life, talk about your troubles, pay attention to the living arrangements of more mobile phone users, distract attention from mobile phones, and give yourself “days without mobile phone interruptions””It’s so good.”