[Can you eat eggs with fever]_ eggs _ fever _ can you eat

[Can you eat eggs with fever]_ eggs _ fever _ can you eat

Many people often have a fever. The temperature of the weather is not very stable now, because it often rains will cause the human body to protrude, the immunity is reduced, and it is easy to get sick. It is normal to eat some eggs during the feverIt has a certain preventive effect on colds, but if you have a high fever, you should not eat eggs.

Colds can eat eggs According to the traditional concept of health care, no matter whether it is a major illness or a minor illness, nutrition needs to be supplemented, so at this time eggs are called the best tonic for many people after illness.

However, experts especially reminded that during the cold, you should eat as few eggs as possible, and it is better not to eat eggs, so as to facilitate the recovery of the cold.

Experts believe that it is possible to eat eggs for a cold, and it is unscientific to say that it is impossible to eat eggs, but there is an implicit reason why you cannot eat eggs for a cold.

Colds cannot eat eggs, which actually means that people with a fever after a cold cannot eat eggs.

Too many people think that eating eggs during fever and cold is not only light and digestible, but also very nutritious, which has helped some recovery.

However, this method is very unscientific, because patients with fever and cold eat egg slicers to increase the body’s transformation, because there is no emission of transfer, of which “oil on fire” will burn more severely.

Doctors say that eggs are rich in nutrients, but they should not be eaten during fever, especially fried poached or scrambled eggs.

Eggs are rich in nutrients, but it is not advisable to eat more eggs during fever to exacerbate fever symptoms!

Because eggs mainly contain egg protein and ovoglobulin, it is a complete protein, 99.

7% can be absorbed by the body.

After eating eggs, there will be a certain amount of extra content, which will increase the body volume and exacerbate fever symptoms.

Do n’t eat lean meat. Similarly, fish, other high-protein foods such as lean meat, fish, etc. will also increase the body content, you should try to eat less.

Fever patients should eat liquid or semi-liquid food.

The diet of fever patients should be light, easy to digest, and rich in vitamins. Generally, liquid or semi-liquid foods are mainly used, such as rice soup, porridge, noodles, rice noodles, etc., with some fresh fruits.

After fever, you can eat food such as chicken soup noodles, vegetable gruel.

At the later stage of recovery, you can add more high-protein foods such as lean meat, fish, and tofu.

The diet of fever patients should be light and easy to digest. Generally speaking, the gastrointestinal function of patients with cold has decreased, and it is difficult to digest and absorb. A large amount of oil is spread on the esophagus and throat, which is also not conducive to the discharge of secretions.

When gastrointestinal dysfunction is caused, properly digested eggs, lean meat, fish and other high-protein macromolecular substances can penetrate the mucosa of the osmotic tract and enter the body, causing certain allergic diseases.

Therefore, it is not absolutely impossible to eat eggs for a common cold, but fried eggs should be used instead of poached or scrambled eggs.

Fever should not eat eggs.

In addition, when you have a cold and fever, you should eat more vegetables, drink more fruit juice, boiling water, etc., should eat light, digestible liquid or semi-liquid food, avoid spicy, greasy food.