Psychological Interest in Interpersonal Communication

Psychological Interest in Interpersonal Communication

The first-effect effect The first-effect effect transmits to people in interpersonal communication and is a more important term in communicative psychology.

The first impression that people leave in people’s interactions is formed and overlapped in the other person’s mind. This effect is called the causal effect.

We often say “make a good impression”, which is generally the first impression. Here, there is the role of the causal effect.

Therefore, in social activities such as making friends, recruiting, and applying for jobs, we can use this effect to show people an excellent image and lay a good foundation for future communication.

Of course, this is only a temporary behavior in social activities, and deeper communication requires your hardware to be complete.

This requires you to strengthen the quality of talking, manners, cultivation, etiquette and other aspects, otherwise it will lead to another effect, which is the proximate effect.

     Proximate effect Proximate effect is the opposite of first-effect effect, which refers to the impression left by the last meeting in the communication, and this impression will remain in the other person’s mind for a long time.

Friends who haven’t seen each other for years have the deepest impression in their own minds, which is actually the parting time; a friend always makes you angry, but when talking about the reasons for anger, I can only say that there are two or three.The performance of recency effects.

Utilize the proximate effect, distinguish yourself from your friends, and give him a good blessing, and your image will beautify in his heart.

It is possible that this beautification will affect your life, because you may become a “halo” character, which is the halo effect.

     The halo effect When you have a good opinion of someone, it will be difficult to feel his shortcomings, just like there is a halo around him, and your mentality is the halo effect.

“Living in the eyes of a lover”, when a lover is in love, it is difficult to find each other’s shortcomings, thinking that everything is good and doing everything right, even where others think it is a shortcoming.It does not seem to matter, this is the manifestation of a halo effect.

The halo effect has a certain acceleration effect. Under this psychological effect, it is difficult for you to distinguish between good and bad, true and false, and easy to be used.

Therefore, in the social process, “the heart that is harmful to others must not be, and the heart that is to defend against others” must be inevitable. Of course, it must be the awareness of fortification.

     Fortification psychology When two people are alone, we will have some preventive psychology from time to time; when there are many people, you will feel that you have no space for yourself and whether your belongings are there; your diary is always locked tightlyIt is afraid that others will take your secret.

For these you need to be armed.

This kind of fortification psychology will play a certain role in the process of communication, and it will prevent normal communication.