How to have expressive eyes


How to have expressive eyes

● Don’t stay up late, frown less, electrocuting people’s eyes As the saying goes, look at the city, then look at the country.

Eyes are the most lethal organs. Bai Yang and his elders have mocked themselves before, and faced with a pair of emotional eyes, not to mention Mr. Liu Xiahui, even himself may be defeated, showing that the power of eyes is inestimable.

Beautiful eyes are not born naturally, but also have to be cultivated and irrigated by the day after tomorrow. They are beautiful from the inside out.

Winking eyes, at least the skin around the eyes should be smooth and delicate; if you usually squint, frown, and facial expressions are as rich as gorillas, the fine lines will climb up unconsciously, all around these eyes are these seven horizontal and verticalWouldn’t it become a gauze mesh?

The eye’s glamour index will definitely drop by half.

  If the eyes you want are dead, do n’t stay up late. Lack of sleep will definitely bring dark circles. The pair of panda eyes can really scare people to death. Even in the daytime, Lengding burst out a pair of white eyes shining in the shadows.This look can only miss the beauty.

As soon as a woman hears a bag under her eyes, it is as if a catastrophe is imminent. Once this bag is hung under the eyelids, you just smash it with a shovel and hang it there, and you will faint without angering you.

It’s a good idea to drink less water before going to bed, don’t grumble like a buffalo and pour it into your stomach, wake up and see it-big eyes.

  Coping methods: 1. Control facial expressions appropriately and rub the skin around the eyes as hard as possible.

  2, go to bed early and get up early, drink less water before going to bed.

  ● Add some water, add love, eyes can talk. Most women only pay attention to the beauty of the eyes, but want to have a pair of talking eyes, can not do without the internal care.

Many “meimei”, especially white-collar workers, have been using computers for a long time, as well as the air pollution above and the use of indoor air conditioners, which cause eyes to become fatigued easily, the eyes become dry and astringent, and the incidence of chronic conjunctivitis has also increased significantly.

The eyes have discomfort, which greatly affects the beauty of the eyes.

Beautiful women all have good eyes and good eyes. A pair of watery eyes can move people the most. It can be small and the eyelashes can not be long, but it must be watery.

The eyes on your body look at you deeply and deeply, and even if you don’t speak to you, you can make people know a thousand words in it. I am afraid that any hero or hero is here.

If the eyes become dry and the eyes become cloudy, it will be like two old dried longan dried up. Once you have chronic conjunctivitis, blood will crawl on the eyeballs one by one.Face is useless.