Do you know that these hand-cheap behaviors can become ugly?

Do you know that these “hand-cheap” behaviors can become ugly?

Have you ever tried to squeeze out the acne on your face and cause it to be lumpy?
Have you ever tried to peel off the dead skin on your mouth and make the blood flow on your lips stop?
These low-handed behaviors should be avoided as much as possible. If you continue, you will really become ugly in minutes.
  1. Peel off the dead skin on your mouth. If you accidentally tear the dead skin on your lips, it will hurt to lick your lips!
Appropriate use of anti-inflammatory ointments can accelerate wound healing.
  You can apply eye ointment after your lips are peeling, but remember not to lick your mouth.
  When dead skin appears on the lips, try to keep the lips moisturized when you are outside, and apply a layer of lip balm or vaseline on the lips.
After returning home, wet the lips with a cotton pad, and then gently remove the dead skin with a product containing (sand particles (fine sugar can also be replaced)).
Of course, a dedicated lip (sand product is best.
Never slap your hands and tear off the dead skin.
  2、挤痘痘   脸上长痘,有的妹子就会不时摸摸看甚至用力将痘痘挤掉,但是处理不当有可能在痘痘痊愈后下痘坑,因此千万不要随便用手挤痘smallpox.
  Do not apply acne patches when acne and pus, and do not apply skin care products that contain acne, salicylic acid, azalea acid, etc. to treat acne.
  Correct way of treatment: 挤 After squeezing out acne with a sterilized acne needle, first apply anti-inflammatory ointment, and then attach medical tape or breathable tape.
Continue applying anti-inflammatory ointment until the acne is no longer red and swollen, then use artificial skin or acne patches.