How can the skin develop itching?

How can the skin develop itching?

With the warming of the weather, more and more skin diseases such as eczema, eczema, urticaria, mosquito bites, and it will cause severe skin itching and bring a lot of abrasion to people.thing?

It is our instinct to be afraid of itching. It is the same as being afraid of pain, but the difference is that itching is intolerable. The recent cold and hot days may make some people itch.What’s going on with moles tickling?

  What’s wrong with itching and scratching?

  1. Eczema: Itching from the body may also be a manifestation of eczema.

Eczema is caused by a variety of internal and external factors, with obvious symptoms: acute deterioration of the primary source, redness, swelling, erosion, and exudate; secondary sources appearing 1-2 weeks after the onset, manifested as pimples, small water cells, erosion, exudateEczema and arthritis are often distributed in the limbs, especially the upper limbs, and can also occur in the trunk and facial muscles.

  2. Hives: Hives can cause redness on the body, and it is one by one.

Symptoms are that the skin suddenly becomes swollen, itchy, and large and small rashes of various shapes begin to be isolated or scattered, gradually expand, and merge into a slice. Most of these rashes will automatically resolve within 24 hours, but newThe rashes occurred one after another, one after another.

Can be divided into acute urticaria, chronic urticaria, angioedema and pimples-like urticaria.

  3, solar dermatitis: Solar dermatitis is caused by some people’s allergies to ultraviolet rays, usually onset after 1-2 hours after sun exposure, the rash often occurs on the face, and can be in front of the neck “v” shaped area, the back of the hand and upper limbs.It is a small pimples, small blister, and itching occurs consciously. In severe cases, the non-light part can also cause a rash. It is not painful, itching is obvious, and it disappears very slowly.

  4. Insect bite dermatitis: It is related to mosquito bites, such as bed bugs, fleas, lice, retinas, mosquitoes and other insects biting the skin and injecting saliva to induce allergic reactions.

Prevention of this disease should be reduced to grass, under the shade or a section, where there are many mosquitoes, indoors can be smoked with mosquito coils.

It is best not to use safflower oil or toilet water, as this can cause skin irritation and worsen the condition.

  5. Other skin allergic diseases: As we age, our skin protection function will gradually degrade, and the protection of skin from external damage will also become more and more resistant. This will cause many problems, allergies, itching,Rising becomes an important form of expression.