TCM teaches you to get rid of the detox misunderstanding

TCM teaches you to get rid of the “detox” misunderstanding

Taking medicine, washing the intestines, fasting . It seems that more and more people think that they have a lot of “poison” in their bodies to be excreted, but do they really have a lot of “poison” in their bodies?
Are the “detox” methods correct?
The author visited Professor Niu Xueen, deputy director of Gastroenterology Department of Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  Human metabolism is “detoxification” Professor Yak Xueen said, first of all, the promotion of all “detoxification” products has different expressions on the word “detoxification”. There is no clear and unified definition.”Internal cleanliness” to explain, to be more specific can only be vague; secondly, almost no case can support the theory of “detoxification”, nor any scientific experiments and data to support these theories.
Traditional Chinese medicine divides what is absorbed by the human body into two categories, one is essence, and the other is dross. The function of the small intestine is to separate the two, absorb the essence, and transport the dross, which is not absorbed by the body, toxins to the large intestine.Excreted.
The human body is a “detox machine”. Not only is urination or defecation a means of detoxification, but physical activities such as sweating, tearing, breathing, and women’s menstruation are also important ways to detoxify.
Human organs also have detoxification functions. For example, the liver is the body’s largest detoxification organ, which can effectively deal with toxic substances; the large intestine is an important detoxification channel; and the kidney can filter the human blood.
  In this case, why do we need to “detox” artificially?
Professor Niu Xueen said that this is actually a misunderstanding. People are an organic whole of metabolism. The biggest function of the human body is the balance function. As long as you have a healthy lifestyle, normal human bodies can completely excrete the toxins produced by the human body through metabolism.
There is no need to deliberately use drugs or other means to detox. Excessive detox will cause a burden on the body and even cause side effects.
The need for artificial detoxification refers to those patients whose functional detoxification organs have deteriorated due to illness (such as liver coma, renal failure, etc.).
  生活方式不健康会造成毒素在体内堆积  不健康的生活方式、过度的肥胖、压力过大等原因会造成毒素在人体逐渐堆积,由此会产生一些问题,如便秘、痔疮、肠炎等等,其中便秘最为common.
If this happens, patients should not try detox products on their own, because some detox products contain laxative and laxative ingredients. Although they work quickly, they can be aggravated by long-term overdose, which may eventually cause refractory constipation.And it is also very irritating to the stomach.
In fact, most of the constipation is functional, and it should be improved by changing lifestyles, reasonable diet, and regular bowel movements in response to the cause. It is not advisable to use some detox drugs.
Professor Niu Xueen does not even advocate colon washing, because many intestinal bacteria are beneficial to the human body. Blind colon washing can cause intestinal flora imbalance, malnutrition, and immune imbalance.
  Professor Niu Xueen said that, in fact, the most safe and reliable detoxification depends on the human body’s own balance function, daily good habits, scientific diet, adequate sleep, relaxed mentality, and moderate exercise, so as to help the normal detoxification of the human body.The bowel movement is smooth, and the toxins in the body are naturally discharged.
  The principle of staying away from toxins Professor Niu Xueen believes that the following principles should be followed to stay away from toxins: 1.
Increase dietary fiber intake Dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate defecation, timely remove stool and intestinal waste, and effectively prevent constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort. The dietary fiber intake per person per day should be about 20-30 grams.
Eat more foods rich in vitamins Vitamins are indispensable nutrients involved in the body’s metabolism.
For example, vitamin C is involved in detoxification and detoxification. Vitamin B1 promotes carbohydrate metabolism and regulates the nervous system.
多吃有利于身体排毒的食物 如芹菜、白萝卜、胡萝卜、韭菜、冬瓜、大蒜、洋葱、海带、菌类、豆制品、猪血、茶、菠萝、苹果、木瓜、樱桃、柠檬、西瓜、草莓, Bananas, etc.
Reasonable intake of protein The ratio of high-quality protein to plant protein is 3: 2, which can reduce cholesterol, and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids.
Drink in Moderate Amount To drink daily, do not wait until you are thirsty.