Waiting for her husband is better than being alone


Waiting for her husband is better than being alone

How could he throw his shoes upside down next to the shoe cabinet, the newspapers he’d read were all over the floor, his undressed clothes were thrown on the sofa, he never flushed the toilet, and blamed me in turnWhy do I always forget to lift the toilet lid . Looking at this messy home no matter how I organize it, I often feel like I am about to collapse.

Chapter n of the law has also been finalized, and the guarantee has been drafted. He has signed his name one by one.

But after a few days, he “revealed.”

I can only lament over and over again that men are the most troublesome animals on earth, and smart women look away.

  Go to my girlfriend’s house to play. After using the toilet, I want to habitually lift the lid. The girlfriend on the side quietly uses this, don’t lift it, because no man uses it anyway.

I froze, hung my hands for a while and finally let go, my heart was volatile and my emotions were complicated.

His girlfriend had just been divorced, and in her words it was the family who had saved trouble since then, no man.

The tone was stunned, revealing the deep loss of hiding.

  When I returned home that day, looking at the bare toilet in the bathroom, I felt a strange warmth involuntarily.

  My friend wanted to rent a house, went to the landlord’s house to sign a contract, and called me by the way.

The landlord is a delicate and middle-aged woman. The house is neat and meticulous, spotless and meticulous. Everything is placed in the most suitable position, and there is no fault.

I don’t know why, I always feel that there is a faint loneliness in the room, which makes people want to shrink back.

  After coming out, the first sentence that a friend said was that there must be no man in her family.

I am busy asking, how do you know?

She immediately answered, don’t you think her home is too clean and delicate?

The accompanying friend smiled and we all looked at her because she and the landlady were colleagues.

Sure enough, a friend told us that the landlord had already divorced.

She said that this was not the case when she came to her house a few years ago. Although it is not as luxurious as it is now, it is very warm and comfortable.

  When he got home, Lao Zhengwo was watching TV on the sofa, his legs were high.

The newspapers spread next to each other. The slippers were very uncoordinated, and the “yin and yang gossips” were calculated. The suit was pulled on the back of the chair.

I said nothing for the first time. After putting down the bag, I hung up his suit and crouched down to pick up the newspapers.

He looked at me, hesitated, and finally asked with confusion, what happened to you today?

He stood up, picked up the socks, and threw them into the washing machine, and quickly took out the mop.

I want to stop him, I want to tell him I’m happy to see this “grass nest” tonight.

But after all, he said nothing, but was alone in his heart.

  Some warmth and happiness belong to women, but they must be related to men.