Qingming small holiday health tips Raiders in the spring to guard against the three spring disease

Qingming small holiday health tips Raiders in the spring to guard against the three “spring disease”

The Ching Ming period is an important period of health for one year. In the theory of Chinese medicine, the growth of the body is also in the spring, and the method of tempering is beneficial to human yang.
During this time, everyone should wear loose clothes and exercise in a place with fresh air.
  In the Qingming period, the liver gas is the strongest in the body. If the liver gas is too strong, it will have an adverse effect on the spleen and stomach, hinder the normal digestion and absorption of food, and also cause emotional disorders, poor blood circulation, and cause various diseases.
Therefore, this period of time is a high incidence of hypertension and respiratory diseases, and everyone needs to pay attention to it.
The Ching Ming Festival is also known as the “Cold Food Festival.”
In the Qingming period, some places still have the habit of clearing the fire and eating cold food.
However, some people are not suitable for cold food.
In the Ching Ming period, any situation that consumes or hinders yang should be avoided.
“Yangqi” rise refers to the movement contraction of the spleen and stomach, so the appetite of people in the spring is usually better, but pay attention to moderate diet and protect the normal function of the spleen and stomach.
During the Qingming period, the diet should be warm, and eat more fruits and vegetables, especially seasonal vegetables such as leeks.
In the Qingming period, it is also suitable for eating sweet potatoes, cabbage, radish, taro and other foods. It is also suitable for eating more.
In addition, in the Qingming Festival, it is not advisable to eat bamboo shoots, chickens, etc., can eat more food to protect the liver and lungs, such as leek, spinach, yam, is good for the body.
  When the Ching Ming Festival is set, it is not advisable to do activities that are too much exercise.
  People who are less active need to do what they need to do, and should not be too big.
When the elderly are active, the heart rate is controlled within 105 beats/min, and the breathing control is within 24 beats/min. The young and middle-aged people are appropriately relaxed depending on the person.
Do not force mountaineering in patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, acute and chronic bronchitis, emphysema, nephritis, anemia, tuberculosis, fever, acute infection, and active stones.
  The Ching Ming Festival is a festival of worshipping the graves, chasing the ancestors, and sadness and sadness.
  While relying on ancestors, you should pay attention to your health.
The Ching Ming Festival is a traditional festival of mourning for relatives. It is an opportunity to vent your grief, which is conducive to the elimination of bad emotions and also to mental health.
However, during this period, for those who lost their loved ones, Ching Ming Festival is easy to touch the scene and easily lead to bad emotions.
Especially when the elderly are sweeping the grave, it is easy to produce negative emotions.
The sadness and depression of everyone should not last long.
This period is a period of high incidence of myocardial infarction, stroke and other diseases.
Patients with such diseases should not be overly sad. Pay attention to the regulation of emotions. You need to find relatives and friends to accompany them and alleviate the negative emotions.
  Allergic rhinitis should not be a cold. Spring is a high season for allergic rhinitis.
Chongqing Huaai ENT, Song Yongliang pointed out that to prevent allergic rhinitis in spring, we must first avoid allergens.
The most important allergens in the South are aphids and molds, both of which are sensitive to temperature and humidity, especially for spring wet weather.
Therefore, the living room should be kept clean and dry and well ventilated.
Do not place books and dolls in the bedroom. They should be cleaned and aired frequently.
  After getting up in the morning, don’t rush to stack the quilt into a “tofu block.”
It is best to shake the quilt, turn it over, cover it face up, tile it on the bed, or turn the quilt over and fold it to ensure that at least half of the inner surface is in contact with the air.
  Second, we must start prevention from an early age.
Studies have found that the more industrialized countries, the higher the chance of children getting allergic dermatitis.
This is related to eating too fine and living environment is too clean.
Children’s living environment should not be too clean, too clean and easy to have allergies, play in the wild, eat coarse grains, help to improve the child’s immunity.
  In terms of treatment, be careful not to use cold medicine to treat allergies.
For allergic rhinitis, it is best to take anti-allergic drugs.
  For those with severe nasal congestion, the following principles should be paid attention to when choosing nasal spray drugs: First, drugs with immediate effects can not be used for a long time.Because these drugs often contain strong vasoconstrictors such as ephedra and yellow, long-term use can easily cause drug-induced rhinitis.

Second, do not use disinfection products to deal with rhinitis, be sure to look for “quasi” type drugs.

A large number of local reports have reported the use of disinfectant products in the treatment of rhinitis leading to drug-induced rhinitis and oral ulcers, oral ulcer infections and gastric ulcers.