How women protect themselves in sex

How women protect themselves in sex

In the early stages of sexual relations, if you first propose to use a condom, or if you take out a condom, the other party may wonder if you are “often like this” and think you are “professional”.

However, when you have a sexual relationship, you must pay attention to your life and health: will he pass you on AIDS or herpes?

You don’t care about yourself, who cares?

Who cares more about your future than you?

  It’s not right, it’s not right.

  Taking birth control pills is an effective method of contraception.

However, if this is your only method of contraception, you may still be at some unexpected risk for this type of sexually transmitted disease.

  It is recommended that you use a condom.

While contraceptive, it can also effectively resist the attack of some sexually transmitted diseases.

  At present, the number of women infected with HIV has risen sharply.

For example, in 1994, 51,235 women were infected with HIV in the United States.

Experts believe that condoms are the only physical barrier to include the threat of HIV in the sexual life of men and women.

  Of course, when the passion surges, “the foreplay is interrupted. It is a bit” inconsistent “to get the rubber products in a plastic package.

You would say that using condoms is troublesome and the man doesn’t cooperate.

But have you ever thought that getting HIV is more troublesome.

  In sexual relations, expectations of men and women do not exactly coincide.

These expectations are actually shaped by society and culture.

The use of condoms also reflects different behavioral patterns.

For example, when you propose to use a condom, the man may object.

He would say that was not comfortable enough and so on.

Sometimes you are afraid of losing him, or have any interests involved, you will accommodate him.

  Women view “sex” mainly from the perspective of emotions and relationships; while men basically start from the perspective of the physical body. They have meaningful instant satisfaction, are willing to take risks, attack, and are unwilling to be influenced by others.

This is the difference between the sexes.

  In fact, the best way to avoid HIV is to use condoms and reduce the number of sexual partners.