[Effect of Muboluo]_Action_Efficacy

[Effect of Muboluo]_Action_Efficacy

I believe that most people in life are more concerned about wood pineapple. Wood pineapple is almost the same as jackfruit. Jackfruit can be divided into several types. Jackfruit is different from pineapple. Therefore, the nutritional elements in pineapple are not higher than jackfruit.In terms of sugar and elements, it is better than other fruits.

Edible value Modern medical research has confirmed that jackfruit is rich in sugars, proteins, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), vitamin C, minerals, and trace oils.

The sugars, proteins, trace oils, minerals and vitamins in jackfruit have a certain effect on maintaining the normal physiological functions of the body.

Green immature fruits can be eaten as vegetables.

The edible portion at maturity contains 24 per 100 grams of cobalt.

9 grams, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

[3]Although jackfruit is delicious, pay attention to it when you eat it to prevent allergies.

Therefore, before eating jackfruit, it is best to soak the yellow pulp in salt water for a few minutes. This will reduce the appearance of allergies and make the pulp of jackfruit more fresh.

It should also be noted that honey should not be eaten with jackfruit. Jackfruit has less water and a lot of sugar. If eaten with honey, it will react with each other to generate some gas, causing symptoms such as satiety and flatulence, causing diarrhea, such as taking jackfruit.After that, it can strengthen the decomposition of fibrin in the body, which can separate the fibrin and blood clots in tissues and blood vessels to dissolve, thereby improving local blood and body fluid circulation, allowing inflammation and edema to be absorbed, subsided, and cerebral thrombosis and otherDiseases caused by thrombosis have a certain adjuvant treatment effect.

Garden value Jackfruit has straight trunks, strong trees, dense canopy, and high fruit yield. It is an excellent landscaping material. It can be used in gardens for gardening, sidewalk trees and small gardens, shades and views.Fruit garden effect.

Economic value Jackfruit is slightly hard and light, with bright yellow color, fine and beautiful texture, no decay for 100 years, and close to termites. It is an excellent furniture material. The roots of the tree can be used to make precious wood carvings.