[Hand Tear Bag Practice]_ Home Tear Bag Practice _ Hand Tear Bag Practice Daquan _ How to Do Hand Tear Bag

[Hand Tear Bag Practice]_ Home Tear Bag Practice _ Hand Tear Bag Practice Daquan _ How to Do Hand Tear Bag

If we want to eat healthy, we need to cook our own meals. Only in this way can we be healthy.

Therefore, I will first talk about the practice of tearing the bag by hand here.


1 If you want to roll the butter into a square, you can combine the ruler 2.

2 Wrap the fat and dough with the same degree of hardness.

If your room temperature is low, I suggest you don’t try it.

Because the dough is easy to soften.

The grease is relatively easy to harden, if it is not rolled again, it will cause the fragments to break.

(Generally room temperature is better than ten degrees.

Do not exceed 20 degrees, it is not easy to operate.

Personally think that the temperature of 10 to 20 degrees is the best.

) 3.

12 Butter directly becomes a square, and there are fingerprints when pressed by hand, which can be easily bent, and the operation is better.

21 Dough, except the peanuts in the raw material, knead until smooth, and then add the paste, until the expansion stage.

Then ferment to double size and roll into square 5.

First sprinkle some high powder on the chopping board, (remember that all hand-rolled powder must be high powder.

Low powder is easy to stick, while high powder is non-stick.

) Roll out the dough into the bottom and paste it on top 6.

The dough sheet should not be too large than grease. If it is too large, the dough sheet will feel too much, and the dough sheet will be caught more by then.

So, just cover the butter slices.

Once it’s wrapped, you have to squeeze it tightly. At this step, remember not to have high powder in the squeezed dough.

12 Then roll the wrapped dough long.

Keep the dough and fat in step.

Do not flour fast or dough fast.

That would easily lead to failure8.

21 I use three rolls and three folds.

Fold any of the dough on the left side 9 first.

Fold in any of the dough on the right, and you’ve completed a three-fold.

Refrigerate the dough in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

Then turn the dough to 90 degrees, and operate 7-9 again.

Complete the second tri-fold.

If you can then fold it, don’t put it in the refrigerator to freeze or freeze, because if the room temperature is low, it can easily make flour into pieces 12.

Roll out the dough into 24 cm long dough pieces13.

Then make a mark 14 every 2 cm on the dough sheet.

Cut into five to six servings of 15.

Then take one of them and bend it with the cut side up 16.

Add 17 to the mold.

Proof up to the second level, then pre-heat the oven at 210 degrees, bake the middle layer until it can be colored, and the small hand-wrapped package introduced today is actually not difficult. As long as you try it carefully, you can definitely achieve what you want.The effect of eating delicious food!